Fostering can make a difference in your life and to those around you


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Foster families provide a stable home for young people. Families will support and care for the child and can make huge differences to the lives of these children. These differences can be in a variety of ways, and could be as basic as establishing a routine for a child each of day or bigger achievements such as sporting or educational successes. Foster families provide the basis for these achievements to happen for young people in their care.

Fostering can make a positive difference to young people’s lives that are unable to live with their birth family. Children are fostered for a variety of reasons, and in many cases fostering is a temporary solution while their own family is supported, to enable them to return home. Foster families provide support and make it possible for children to be in safe and secure environment.

Many looked after children have specific or complex needs. These can be physical difficulties, challenging behaviors or learning problems and foster carers can make very positive changes to the lives of these young people. Many foster carers cope with complex needs of children and ensure they do there best to support the child or young person.

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