Transfer to us

If you are an existing Foster Carer currently registered with another fostering agency you can transfer to Family Works Fostering and it is much easier than you may think. 

There are many reasons to foster with Family Works Fostering Agency. We are a young, innovative, diligent and supportive fostering agency offering a competitive package to foster carers that includes a generous allowance, 24/7 support from a committed, professional and friendly team, and ongoing training that supports your professional development as a foster carer.

 Foster carers have a right to transfer to any agency they wish if they need a fresh start, therefore if you are considering a transfer to Family Works Fostering Agency, we will offer you full advice, support and guidance throughout the process.

Will I need to go through the assessment process?

Even if you are approved with your current fostering agency you will still need to be assessed by Family Works Fostering and complete an assessment which will be presented to the Family Works Fostering Panel.

How do I transfer?

Firstly, it’s important to clarify whether or not you currently have a child or young person in a placement with you.

I do not currently have a child or young person in placement with me.

In this case, you are simply required to give 28 days’ notice in writing to your existing Fostering Agency or Local Authority informing them of your resignation from that agency. Please note that Family Works Fostering Service will contact your existing agency who you are registered with once you have handed in your notice and made a formal application to Family Works Fostering Service to request a reference.

I do have a child or young person in a placement with me.

Family Works Fostering places the needs and best interests of the looked after child or young person firmly at the heart of our policies. We therefore encourage and support the best models of practice for transferring between fostering agencies that will be outlined and governed by your current Local Authority, Trust or Independent Agency, and any applicable industry-wide protocol.

Family Works Fostering follows the Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol for the transfer of foster carers between agencies and Local Authorities. We are happy to provide you with the Fostering Network’s guidance on transferring agencies or you can simply visit the Fostering Network’s website. Alternatively email us on and we will be happy to provide a copy to you.

Thinking of transferring to us?

Why not contact us and one of our team members will be more than happy to speak to you.