What’s Life Like for Families who Foster?


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Every experience is different because no two families are the same and neither are the foster kids/young adults. Being a foster carer is like having another child in the home just on a temporary basis. 

Don’t change your routine

When the foster child/young adult moves in, don’t feel the need to make drastic changes or to be something that you are not. Keep the routine simple and let them start to fit in. A new routine will throw off the birth kids and yourself and it’s usually unsustainable.

They are a part of the family

If there are any family traditions such as camping trips or family outings, you can include the foster child/young adult as opposed to cancelling or leaving them out. After the trying times that they have endured, let them catch a glimpse of what families should be like so that they don’t grow up with the wrong idea of the family structure. 

Explain to your close circle that you are a foster carer

Letting people around you know that you are foster carer will save you unnecessary explaining of who the new addition to the family is which may be awkward to the foster child/young adult because no one wants to be reminded of their dark past and having it replayed for everyone.  

If you’re looking into being a foster carer and your spirit is willing, take a leap of faith. Get the ball rolling and register to become a foster carer. The old adage stands true, “You won’t know til you try.”

If you are considering fostering or know someone that is please contact us by calling +44 1702 59 77 97 or sending an email to info@fw-fostering.co.uk