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Foster Care Fortnight 2018


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From Monday 14th to Sunday 27th, May Family Works Fostering are proud to support the biggest foster care campaign of 2018, Foster Care Fortnight, orchestrated by The Fostering Network.

There are children and families of all backgrounds and circumstances who need support from foster carers. This could be due to a parent falling ill, domestic issues, or a child with a disability. The purpose of Foster Care Fortnight is to help raise awareness and increase the number of foster carer’s profiles across the UK to connect, and make a difference to a young person’s life.

Why is Foster Care Fortnight important?

According to The Fostering Network, Over 7,000 new foster families are needed in the UK over the next year alone. These families will play a crucial part in providing full-time and respite care for babies, young children, older children, sibling groups, disabled children and children seeking asylum.

By taking time to raise the profile of foster caring in the press and celebrating its role within communities, The Fostering Network hopes to strike a chord with those who may not have considered fostering before as well as encouraging action from individuals and couples who have contemplated fostering but not yet taken their first steps.

Here at Family Works Fostering, we’re always happy to hear from potential carers who would like to learn more about working with us or about fostering in general. Our staff will be on hand to answer any queries you have.

If you are considering fostering or know someone that is please contact us by calling +44 1702 59 77 97 or sending an email to