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 Here are some of the ways in which foster care changes lives.

For the foster child

Unlike adoption, foster care is not permanent, and the duration varies specific to each case. When a child is brought into foster care, there are often negative push factors that culminated into this eventuality and being placed into foster care can be a turning point for the better for them. They need to adjust to a new environment, new people and new ways of doing things.

It is never easy for foster kids. They have so many questions and uncertainties. This foster placement could result in moving to a new place and starting at a new school leaving behind their previous life with both the good and the bad aspects of it.  Some may have experienced trauma and may need special attention for healing to take place emotionally and psychologically. A professional and efficient support system is crucial to cushion the foster child during these transitions.

For the foster caregiver

It takes a big heart of compassion to open up your home to foster children. It also takes patience to deal with children that have been through trying times. The foster care system can change your perspective on life and the way you see the world around you. Each foster child brings a whole new experience and you’ll need an open mind and an attentive ear to truly appreciate the opportunity.

Foster care is also a much simpler process than adoption and as a foster carer you encounter more children than just adopting one. Let each child teach you something new. Learn more about them and what they have survived. These stories will help you to keep focused as to why you joined foster care in the first place.

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