Fostering Testimonies


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My husband and I became Foster Carers in 2017. After the initial three months process, which wasn’t any easy thing to go through, we were approved as foster carers.

Within one month of being approved, we had our first child placed with us and then four months later we had two siblings placed with us. We are now 2 years into our fostering career and we are happy to say we have had several children living with us and thriving.

It has been hard work and emotionally draining along the way with lots of ups and downs, but we see our children who when they first came to us, scared, alone, frightened and had no idea of what was going to happen to them, and now months on how confident they all are, how well they are thriving and how much they are enjoying life.

I would say to anyone who is thinking about fostering:

“If you go into fostering with an open mind, to make a difference and with love compassion coupled with an agency who put the welfare of the child first and foremost, who give you the training you need and a fantastic SSW who is there to support you and guide you, you can’t go wrong”

Go for it and enjoy the journey.

If you are considering fostering or know someone that is please contact us by calling +44 1702 59 77 97 or sending an email to